Are you faced with the prospect of having to purchase new abated cremation plant?


Buying new cremation plant is, for most people a "once in a career" event. The inherent quality of most cremation plant means that it should only need replacing every 15 or so years - or when new emissions legislation so demands.

With the end of the 2012 deadline in sight, those crematoria which have agreed to implement, but have not yet ordered mercury abatement plant, should resist the temptation to fast-track their project. A poor choice of equipment today will mean difficulties for the many future years that the plant has to remain in operation, and you could be tied-in to a financial burden for a very long time.

We can provide expert independent advice on the selection of new cremators and abatement plant, and guide you through the procurement process so that you end up with a reliable, technically sound choice of plant which will provide economic operation, as well as establishing the necessary green credentials for your site.