Do you want to know how your steam boiler plant could run more efficiently?

 We can survey your steam installation, and identifty those areas which may be improved.


Are you thinking of buying a new boiler?

Just because your boiler is old does not mean that it cannot be improved. A new burner and new controls can often transform the efficiency of a boiler. A burner retrofit can make a significant improvement to your operational costs, can be achieved at much lower cost, and causing much less disruption than installing a new boiler.


Is your steam distrubution system working properly?

Changes in process equiment over the years can often mean that the steam distribution system is no longer appropriate. Some simple modifications can yield a significant improvement  in the way that your steam system responds to your demands. 


Are you operating your boiler plant in compliance with the latest HSE guildlines?

We can provide you with an independent compliance report, highlighting any non-compliant areas, and the most economic method to overcome them.


Are you new to steam, and confused by conflicting advice?

Stopher Associates Ltd is independent of any equipment manufacturer. We give plain, simple, and objective advice without any commercial bias. Our consultancy service will enable you to procure a steam system with confidence.


Stopher Associates Ltd.  Over 25 years experience of steam, available to help you today.