Why choose Stopher Associates?

The specialist services we provide are totally independent of any manufacturer. 

Any report provided by us, has no commercial bias. 

We are only interested in providing you with the best service.

Our Services:

Steam boiler and steam systems: 

  • Energy efficiency surveys
  • BG01 (formerly PM5) compliance surveys
  • Steam trap surveys
  • Design of new systems
  • Survey & report on existing installations
  • Specifications for new boilers and systems
  • Advice on choice of fuels
  • Integrating biomass plant existing system
  • Feasibility studies

Health and Safety
  • Risk Assessments

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Mobile: 07582 733930

Email: info@stopherassociates.co.uk

GDPR Compliance

Please be assured that we take the security of your personal data seriously. Any information which you provide will only be used for the purposes intended. We do not keep a a database of our customer contact details. This web site does not use cookies. If you wish to contact us, please do so by direct email. Should you require that we delete any records of your contact details, etc, please request this, and we shall comply immediately. A copy of our data protection policy is available on request.


We provide a unique specialist consultancy services in all areas of combustion.

Contact us for friendly techincal advice on steam boilers, 

steam process controls, biomass boilers, and cremation plant.